A Native American human, with a datajack, cybereyes, and cyberhand. He dresses casually, usually in a pair of jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, and a Seattle Mariners baseball cap.


Bitchface is a human amerind, who looks to be about 40 years of age. He claims to be from the Skokomish tribe, and to have gone to college at the Massachusetts Institue of Technology and Thaumaturgy. Due to his obvious cyberware (a datajack, a pair of cybereyes, and a cyberhand) and knowledge of the matrix, his studies were most likely techonology related. When asked, Bitchface claims he got his name in prison. Other than showing off a few of his prison tattoos, he refuses to elaborate on his time served or why he served it.

Bitchface is now a resident of the Redmond Barrens, maintaining an uneasy balance of off-the-grid living, and on-the-grid work as a mid-level fixer. He holes up in a row home on a corner with a jerk chicken stand set up outside.

Bitchface loves baseball, specifically the Seattle Mariners. He seems more willing to befriend anyone who will sit and talk baseball with him for a while.


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